2018 Schedule of Wine 101 Classes w/Sara Guterbock

2018 Grape & Barley Series of Wine Classes –Exploring Parts Unknown

Sara Gutterbock returns for a series of classes focusing are wines and regions that you will not typically find at your grocery store. Take a look at the schedule below.


Sept. 19th
For this class we will explore the complex relationships between latitude and altitude in winemaking and grape growing!! We’ll taste wines grown in extreme and unusual conditions that press the boundaries of what’s possible in viticulture around the globe and discuss how these conditions affect the final flavors of the wines!! We’ll explore selections from New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, The USA and parts of Europe to illustrate how unique growing conditions and LOCATION have an immense impact on the resulting wine. The wines will hail from locations pressing the extremes in latitude and altitude, and I’ll provide all the explanations of their (and Sara’s) ATTITUDE! Come join us!
Cost: $20 per person

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