2016 Schedule of Wine 101 Classes w/Sara Guterbock

2016 Grape & Barley Series of Wine Classes –Exploring Parts Unknown

Sara Gutterbock returns for a series of classes focusing are wines and regions that you will not typically find at your grocery store. Take a look at the schedule below.

*Certain classes may be slightly more expensive to allow for the best examples of regional wines to be featured. All classes will start at 7PM unless otherwise noted.


Wednesday January 20th –  Wine Aroma Workshop

Evaluate famous wines from around the world & test your senses.  In this class, we will have the most prevalent portions of the wine aroma wheel deconstructed, so you can taste and compare the aromas of wine to the real thing!! You won’t want to miss this incredible exercise!!!


Wednesday, February 24th – SAKE 101!

Finally- the class you’ve all been waiting for!!  Learn all about Japan’s most famous beverage and how it’s taking the world by storm.  We’ll explore its food-pairing possibilities, different classifications, and more!!  Kanpai, y’all!!!


Wednesday, April 6th –  Flagships & Phenomena of the Iberian Peninsula

An in depth tasting of Spain & Portugal’s most alluring wines!  Explore well beyond the usual suspects with an introduction to many of the most tantalizing products from unknown regions!


Wednesday, May 11th – A Tour of The Mediterranean Coast

Explore incredible wines from the alluring Mediterranean with a focus on Southern Italy with a nod to the French Riviera and the sun-drenched shores of historic Greece.  These captivating wines are among the most varied and delectable in the world!!


Wednesday, June 15th – Unexpected Treasures from the Americas

Taste some of the more unusual and unexpected wines being produced in North & South America!  Explore the best kept secrets of Washington State, Oregon, Chile, Argentina & more!


Check with us Fridays in July & August for some fun, casual tastings!


Wednesday, Sept. 7th – California’s Hidden Gems

This is NOT your average tasting of California Cabernet!  You will definitely want to join us for this experience, when we unearth the unusual varietals, blends and new wine regions keeping wine-lovers on their toes!!


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