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In order to serve on-premise malt beverages (beer), the city of Gastonia requires that an establishment be designated as a full service restaurant or a private club. Based on the various requirements to operate as a restaurant, Grape and Barley will instead operate as a private club.

The highlights of private club rules are as follows:

  • Private Clubs are not open to the general public.
  • Members must complete a brief application form for membership.
  • Members must pay a nominal annual membership fee.
  • Members will receive a membership card and must have the card in their possession while on the premises.
  • Members may bring guests. House/employee guests are not allowed under any circumstances.


Understanding that this is a unique method of operation for a retail shop, the following are some FAQ's to assist you in answering questions regarding our private club designation:

  • Why do I need a membership to shop at Grape and Barley?
    • Since we are primarily a retail wine/craft beer shop and not a restaurant, the city of Gastonia requires the designation of a "private club" in order to serve beer for consumption on our premises. Having the ability to offer our customers a wide variety of craft beers for enjoyment in our bar area is an important part of our business model.
  • What is required for membership?
    • New members are required to complete a very brief and basic application with their name, address, phone, email and types of wine and beer they prefer.  This can be completed in the store or on our website. Members are also required to pay a $1 per year membership fee. Member information will not be shared with any 3rd party. Finally, members will receive a G&B Elite membership card that must be in their possession while on the premises.
  • What if I lose or forget my membership card?
    • A Grape and Barley team member can confirm your membership, and issue you another card if misplaced. You will need to provide your driver's license for proper identification.
  • Can members bring guests?
    • Yes. Members can bring 2 guests per visit. A particular indiviual may only be a guest two times per month before being required to apply for his or her own membership.
  • Does my membership cover my spouse/significant other?
    • No. Memberships are granted on an individual basis, however they can be a guest.
  • Once I complete my application and pay the $1 membership fee, when can I start shopping at Grape and Barley?
    • Immediately
  • Can I drink wines or beers from the retail section on the premise?
    • Yes, with the exception of beers sold in 4 or 6 packs. They are for off premise consumption only.
  • Why should I become a member?
    • We are confident that the benefits of becoming a G&B Elite member will far outweigh the process of becoming a member. Some of the benefits include:
      • Purchase any 6 bottles of wine or beer (22 oz bottles or larger), and recieve a 10% discount.
      • Members can relax in our comfortable bar setting and enjoy a selection of craft brews or wine by the glass or bottle. Free wi-fi will be provided also.
      • Members can purchase tastes, flight size or full 5 oz glass pours from our 10 bottle wine dispensing machine. This offers the opportunity to try higher end wines before purchasing a bottle.
      • Members and their guests will be invited to exclusive events not available to the general public.
      • Members will receive emails regarding other special offers and incentives not available to the general public.
      • Members will have exclusive rights to secure "The Craft Room" for private functions and tastings.
  • Since you are a private club, is smoking permitted?
    • No
  • Do I need to be a member to purchase wine or beer to take home with me?
    • Yes. The private club designation covers both the retail side and the bar side.


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